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Introducing the I-Towel

Chris Cieri sought out business planners with Signature Business Plans to help him plan out his custom towel line. Chris Cieri, a serial entrepreneur, husband, and father of a millennial, plans to scale up his own lifestyle brand called I-Towel.


Cieri’s parent company Absorbent Design has assembled a team of designers and public relations specialist Michael Valentine to help pull together brand ambassadors and leaders from some of the world’s top market elite brands and fashion labels.


What we found most unique out the gate about Chris was his enthusiasm for his product. And rightfully so, we soon found out why. Almost all other towels, including sports towels, are either square or rectangular and create a bunching up effect when trying to keep affixed on a person’s shoulder or around their neck. Cieri found that by removing 33% of the material along the sides, the I-Towel™ tapers to 7″ at the center point, making it a more comfortable and nonforeign feeling object that can be placed on and around a person’s body. Simply put, the I-Towel fits.


The versatility of the I-Towel™ also allows for the consumer to use it for wiping up spills and messes. Most sports towels would not even be considered for that use.


While working with Cieri, we discovered market data and unveiled it in his marketing plan. Our staff researcher identified a growing demand among a millennial customer segment who are seeking alternative clothing options to reflect their attitudes.


Furthermore, to begin to introduce products into the marketplace using larger retail stores as our channels, the management team for Absorbent Designs wishes to partner with proven retail juggernaut and global lifestyle design firm Kathy Ireland® Worldwide (kiWW®) for continuing the development and commercialization of Absorbent Designs exclusive, patent-pending  I-Towel™ design.


With capital and the right team, Absorbent Design’s flagship brand, the I-TOWEL™, will be profitable and have the staying power needed to be a true “value” global brand leader. Similarly, like the brands that have successfully appealed to millennials such as Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Vetements, Yeezy by Kanye West, and Fenty X Puma—Absorbent designs plans to gain a share of the market also, but more as an accessory manufacturer. 


Be on the lookout for Chris Cieri and more from Absorbent Designs. And of course the I-Towel.

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